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Don’t Miss The Madness: NCAA Basketball Tourney

Don’t Miss The Madness

Welcome to the best place to watch college basketball. We’ll be showing all the NCAA basketball tourney games on our massive TV wall from March 14th through April 5th.

Regardless of who you’re rooting for, everyone is a winner with each guest receiving a scratch-off ticket and a chance to win one of five prizes: $50 gift certificate, a $25 gift certificate, free bar bite, free dessert or free side dish. Scratch-offs will be handed out from March 14 and April 5. Prizes can be claimed between April 6 and May 31.

With more than 90 beers on tap and a scratch menu of American classics with a modern twist, there’s no better place to take in the madness.

Make a Reservation

Limited reservations are available prior to the first round of games on each tourney day. Book now to save your seat. Otherwise, space is first-come, first-served.

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