Brunch in Downtown Chicago

Try our brunch at Sweetwater - choose from our restaurant menu of sweet and savory brunch dishes, from omelets to beignets to bloody marys and more. Kick off your weekend with the best brunch in downtown Chicago, located on Michigan Avenue.

Brunch Menu

CINNAMON ROLL – warm jumbo cinnamon roll, vanilla icing  12 V 

DONUTS – powdered sugar covered doughnuts, chocolate hazelnut sauce, mixed berry jam  10  V 

BREAKFAST SANDWICH – green onion cheddar biscuit, breakfast sausage patty, aged cheddar, scrambled eggs, cheesy potato casserole 16.50

STUFFED FRENCH TOAST – brioche bread, Baileys cream cheese, vanilla bean ice cream-battered, mixed berry compote, powdered sugar  17.50  V

BREAKFAST TACO – scrambled eggs, bacon, green onion, smoked tomato, chipotle maple glaze, smoked cheddar, flour tortillas, cheesy potato casserole  16.50

AVOCADO TOAST – smashed avocado on toasted challah, roasted corn, pickled red onion, shaved radish, sunny-side-up eggs, citrus vinaigrette, microgreens 15.50

BREAKFAST FLATBREAD – house sausage, bacon, scrambled eggs, mozzarella, smoked cheddar, garlic puree, arugula 16.50

HANGOVER BOWL – smoked cheddar grits, braised pork belly, breakfast sausage links, fried egg, smoked tomato charred scallion relish  18  GS

STEAK AND EGGS – 8 oz. top sirlon, eggs any style, cheesy potato casserole  23

2 EGGS YOUR WAY – 2 eggs your way, 2 house-smoked thick-cut bacon strips, 2 breakfast sausage links, toasted challah bread, cheesy potato casserole  15.50

BLTE – thick-cut hardwood-smoked bacon, baby arugula, beefsteak tomato, sunny-side-up egg, roasted garlic aioli, toasted challah, cheesy potato casserole 15.50

BREAKFAST CHIMICHANGA – scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, green onion, pico de gallo, smoked cheddar, chipotle salsa roja, fried flour tortilla, cheesy potato casserole  16.50

CHICKEN & WAFFLES – buttermilk-breaded crispy popcorn chicken, hot honey maple, pearl sugar waffle, dill pickle, scallions 16.50

CHICKEN BISCUIT SANDWICH – buttermilk-breaded crispy chicken, chipotle maple glaze, candied black pepper bacon, green onion cheddar biscuit, cheesy potato casserole 16.50


*GS: Gluten Sensitive – There is no gluten in this recipe, however, items may be prepared with the same equipment as items containing gluten, so we cannot guarantee there is never slight cross-contamination. While we do have procedures in place to minimize cross-contact with other gluten-containing foods, these items may not be suitable for our guests who are highly sensitive to gluten.
*V – Vegetarian

Best brunch in Doral
Best brunch in Doral
Best brunch in Doral
Best brunch in Doral
Bloody Mary Brunch IMage

Brunch Cocktails

Mexican-style lager, Bloody Mary mix, lime juice, tajin


18 oz. spicy Bloody Mary crowned fried onion rings, a celery stalk and a skewer loved with candied bacon, house-made spicy pickles, cheese curd, olive, cornichon, pepperoni, pickled jalapeños, and a hard-boiled egg

+ sidecar of bottlenectar  3


48 oz. and 72 oz. | Serves 3+

Classic – orange juice, sparking wine

30.00 / 48.00

Bellini – orange juice, peach schnapps, sparkling wine

34.00 / 50.00

Rose – orange juice, grapefruit juice, cranberry juice, Ketal grapefruit rose, sparkling wine

54.00 / 80.00


Choose 4 to build your perfect flight
All topped with sparkling wine

Classic – orange juice
Bellini – peach Schnapps, orange juice
Tropical – Malibu rum, pineapple juice, grenadine
Sangria – dry cider, triple sec, fresh fruit, mint
Rosé – Ketel grapefruit rosé vodka, orange juice, grapefruit juice, cranberry juice
Paloma – Tequila, lime juice, grapefruit juice, Sprite, tajin


Bottle of sparkling wine + 3 juices
orange, cranberry and pineapple


MAGNYM where available
Reservation required, minimum 3 people per table
Magnum bottle of sparkling wine + 3 juices
orange, cranberry and pineapple

MKT price

Make a Reservation

(For parties of 9-14, please call. For parties of 15 or more, please visit our Large Group Info page)

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