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Black Friday: Bourbon County Stout Tapping & Brunch


In addition to serving our full Brunch, we’re tapping this year’s Bourbon County Stout on Black Friday. Join us the day after Thanksgiving to taste this rare and coveted favorite.

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What makes Bourbon County Stout so special? We’ll let the maker tell you.

 A message from Goose Island’s President, Todd Ahsmann:

“From starting in a crawl space under our original Clybourn Brewpub, to constructing a world-class barrel warehouse in Chicago, to partnering with the world’s most sought-after distilleries – Bourbon County Stout is at the heart of Goose Island’s DNA. For more than two decades we have been integral to the evolution of the barrel-aged beer category, helping to develop it to what it is today. It’s all made possible by the passionate family of innovators at Goose Island – and this year’s Bourbon County Stout lineup reflects just that, creativity and true craftsmanship. I hope you enjoy the complexities and unique flavor profiles of this year’s lineup as much as we do. Cheers!”

Bourbon County Stout (14% and 14.4% ABV): Goose Island’s goal each and every year is to uphold the integrity of Greg Hall’s recipe and make the best Bourbon County Stout possible—and this year is no exception. Our rich Imperial Stout is blended from a mix of bourbon barrels from distilleries such as Heaven Hill, Wild Turkey and Buffalo Trace, each aged in freshly emptied bourbon barrels for 8-14 months. Expect flavors of chocolate and vanilla, oak, whiskey, and molasses, followed by caramel, berry fruit, and almond.

Come in to try the Original Bourbon County Stout before it’s tapped out. Varietal availability varies by market.

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